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Fan Without Water [Sound piece]
Noise à Noise 20.2 (Compilation Album)
Noise à Noise Records, June 21, 2020

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Finally, Noise à Noise is presenting its second quarterly compilation album of experimental music after all of the problems and catastrophes that occurred in 2020. This album includes contributions from various creative artists in the field of experimental, glitch, noise, and ambient music, and it encapsulates several ideas and concepts that are separately put forward in each track. The artists who have participated in this collective endeavour are in one way or another connected to the community of Iranian Experimental Music, either through performances and collaborations in Iran, or the development of pieces that connect to Iranian Culture and Arts. Despite all the difficulties during the COVID-19 crisis, Studio A in Tehran has provided the means for the post-production and Arman Moghadam has generated the cover art. It is being released on iTunes, Spotify and other more major online stores. It will be released on Soundcloud on July 4th, 2020, and of course on Bandcamp.


Artist lineup includes Leonie Roessler (NL) with Dirar Kalash (PS), Soheil Shirangi (IR), Kamran Arashnia (IR), C-drik (DE), Mehrnaz Khorrami (NL), Takcharkh (IR), Babak Sepanta (IR), Soheil Soheili (IR), Alireza Amirhajebi (IR), Hesam Kardan (IR), Foad Alijani (IR), Stefan Tiefengraber (AT), Hardi Kurda (UK), Katharina Stadler (GE), Vahid Qaderi (AT), P01ntl355 (IR).

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