Foad Alijani

Overlaps Maps
group exhibition “Iran~Iran
Da theater house, Tehran, Iran, April 2018

The show happened in a theater house located in the old underground bath building. In the installation, I placed a large plastic pipe in a visual intersection with a similar existing pipe. The map of the ancient world was installed in the horizontal pipe while the map of the contemporary world was installed in the vertical pipe; both maps were muddy, and one of them was emphasized with light.

The installation created a striking visual effect within the atmospheric setting of the old underground bath. The large plastic pipe intersected with an existing pipe, forming a cross-like structure suspended in the space. The use of light and shadow played a crucial role, as one map was illuminated to draw the viewer’s attention, highlighting the contrast between ancient and contemporary representations. The rugged texture of the walls and the dimly lit environment contributed to the overall contemplative mood of the piece, aiming to illustrate the passage of time and the evolution of global landscapes.

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