Foad Alijani

A plan of the installation art project
(Relation Between Two Nature’s Elements)
Wadden Art Festival, “Footprints Along a Coastline”, August, 2008.
ISBN/EAN 978-90799968-01-5/Footprints along a coastline/Vadehavsfestival 2008 /NUR-code: 646/NUR-description: visual art.

Nature is pure, therefore purely contact with nature is most trust worth. It does not mean transformation in nature because human have ideation. This proposal expresses the range of contact which is the specialty of an urbane fellow; conversation. Conversation between human and nature. In this project the artist expresses but listens to the nature too. In the elements of nature, water transfers feeling better. Water with its sound has silence. Decision is, to use weeds that separate with the ground, creating owing compositions. Installation with these weeds depends on the situation at the site. This water is not used in irrigation of plants. Weeds apparently seem not useful too. Water ebbs away and flows and the weeds are shaking in the wind. Therefore these tow elements are more active and get more awareness together. Finally if the conditions are good, I will put mirrors in the ground and make a light dance.

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