Foad Alijani

Artist Profile: “About Artist”
Iran Azin Magazine, no. 91 (December 2008).

A simple apartment in Tehran was the first image experienced by Foad Alijani. His initial inclination towards art began with his deep contemplation of the world around him. His views on the world are fluid and boundless, characteristics he relates to art. His wood collection, Fluid Dream, reflects his fascination with wood, believing that materials not only have visual effects but also conceptual impacts. One notable aspect of the Fluid Dream collection is its concise treatise, blending literary musings with engravings that serve as the artist’s dissertation. Beyond capturing the form of the artist’s daily life in a literary sense, he explores artistic thoughts and the challenges faced during the creative process.

At first glance, this collection juxtaposes intricate forms with the inherent simplicity of wood. Foad believes in truly understanding natural elements, treating his engravings as a means to investigate the essence of wood. He communicates with the material and invites the audience to engage in dialogue. Unlike traditional uses of wood as a background in artwork, in his collection, wood serves as a contextual backdrop to highlight expressive features.

The grain of the wood significantly influences its form, allowing for the juxtaposition of its natural simplicity with broader natural elements, creating expansive tableaus. While some pieces exhibit technical complexity, the focal point remains on their visual characteristics. Another aspect emphasized by the artist is the moments of creation, which he considers pure and distinctly personal. Foad believes that understanding art requires more than just definitions; the audience is encouraged to ponder the interplay of lines and surfaces. Lines transition into surfaces, surfaces into lines, collectively shaping points, forms, and ultimately volumes. These surfaces converge and diverge in a perpetual motion that echoes throughout the universe.

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