Foad Alijani

transmedia artist-curator
standing in Amsterdam

mini CV [for full version please send an email]

2023 / Master DAI Art Praxis, ArtEZ University of Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands.
2015 / Master of Art in Research. Soore University of Art, Tehran, Iran.
2008 / Bachelor of Applied Art, Isfahan University of Art, Isfahan, Iran.

Professional Experience
2018-Present / Founder and curator at Paadmaan projects.
2010-Present / Art director at Royanegaran Design Studio.
2008-10 / Gallery coordinator, Iranian Academy of Arts.
2006-8 / Founder and editor of the art and philosophy magazine Barg-e-Sefid, Isfahan university of art.

Solo Exhibitions / Projects
2024 / Duality in Memory, PAF (Performing Arts Forum), St Erme, France.
2021-2023 / BARG volume 1,2,3, two years nomadic book presentation.
2019 / Color Portray, video installation (two channels).
2017 / Coextensive Points, project for Yatoo Nature Artists’ Association, Gongju, South Korea.
2016 / Lines, project for Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, Germany.
2016 / Inventory, La Cabine art space, Clrmont-Ferand, France.
2015 / Equation, Saye gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2013 / Reminiscence, Jorjani gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2008 / Fluid Dream (BA thesis exhibition), gallery of Isfahan University of Art, Isfahan, Iran.

Selected Group Shows
2021 / Between Lines, in the group exhibition As 13 Grams of Lines, Tehran, Iran..
2018 / CARBON 18, Contemporary art event in Saint-Étienne, France.
2016 / The second exchange program organized by Kooshk Residency and Artistes en Résidence, Mohsen gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2015 / Sadra Eco Park Land Art Festival, Shiraz, Iran.
2007 / Student exhibition tour, Tehran municipal cultural centers, organized by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Tehran, Iran.

2017 / Yatoo Nature Artists’ Association, Gongju, South Korea.
2016 / Residency at Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, Germany.
2016 / Artistes en Résidence program, Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Professional Organizations
2023-2025 / Performing Arts Forum (PAF), Saint-Erme-Outre-et-Ramecourt, France.
2022-Present / Partner with Nomadic School of Arts (KASK & Conservatorium), Ghent, Belgium (on behalf on Paadmaan projects).
2021-2023 / LASER Chair (Leonardo is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the MIT Press).
2018 / Member of Artistes en Résidence, Clermont-Ferrand, France.
2017 – Present / Member of Iranian Museum of Graphic Design.
2013 – Present / Member of Iran Council of Graphic Design Association, A partner of ICOGRADA.
2011 – 2022 / Member of Iran Visual Arts Institute, Tehran, Iran.

2021 / Lines, Galleri CC, supported by the Swedish Film Institute, Malmö, Sweden.
2020 / TeTo, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens, Greece.
2020 / TeTo, 60 Seconds Intl. Film Festival, Islamabad, Pakistan.
2020 / TeTo, Make Art Not War Teaser Future Film Festival, California, US.
2019 / Lines, Ahang traveling exhibition in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, Pakistan, supported by the Alliance Française.
2019 / Lines, Dadasaheb Phalkeh Film Festival, Mumbai, India.
2018 / The Herbal Tea, 4th Gunung Sunda Festival, Sukabumi, Indonesia.
2018 / Lines, The Inshort Film Festival, The International Film and Broadcast Academy in partnership with Goethe institut, Lagos, Nigeria.

Selected Publications

¬ Article: “Cloud and Moon”
Amsterdam Alternative newspaper, no.55 (July 2, 2024).

¬ Book: BARG volume 1,2,3
volume 1: Fluid Dream / volume 2: Between / volume 3: Lines, 2019-2022.

¬ Book: Return (Interviews with Twenty-Six Iranian Contemporary Artists)
[Research project on documenting contemporary art projects] (Paadmaan Projects, 2022).

¬ Essay and Photos: “Tehran: A Shapeshifter”
SuperMarket artist-run art magazine, no. 11 (October 2021): ISSN 2000-8155.

¬ Book: Inner Telescope, a space work by Eduardo Kac
related to introduction of the Kac’s project in Iran (Paadmaan Projects, 2019).

¬ Book: The Old Shop Signs of Tehran Trades
(Tehran Beautification Organization, 2018). ISBN: 9786008815426.

¬ Article: “Contemporary Art and the Issue of Art in the City”
Iran Newspaper, Visual Arts Section, no. 6758 (April 18, 2018).

¬ Interview and Project Review: Coextensive Points
Yatoo Artist in Residence Book (November 2017).

¬ Inventory Features
La Belle Revue, no. 6 (July 22, 2016) and Kooshk Residency annual book (2016).

¬ Exhibition Review: “Criticism of Reminiscence and Equation Exhibitions”
By Mahmoud Maktabi, Asia Newspaper, no. 708 (February 16, 2016).

¬ Interview: Channel 4, Iran Broadcasting
About the “Reminiscence” exhibition (September 2013).

¬ Exhibition Review: “Electric, Reminiscence, Motor”
Short criticism of Reminiscence exhibition, by Javad Hasanjani, Tandis Visual Art Magazine, no. 258 (September 2013).

¬ Essay: “Knife Wood Carving in Persian Woodworking”
In The Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Iranian Forgotten Treasures (Iran Academy of Art, 2011).

¬ Artist Profile: “About Artist”
Iran Azin Magazine, no. 91 (December 2008).

¬ Land Art Project: “Relation Between Two Nature’s Elements”
A Plan of a land art project (Wadden Art Festival, “Footprints Along a Coastline”, August 2008), ISBN/EAN 978-90799968-01-5.

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