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2023 / Master of Arts in Praxis (DAI), ArtEZ University of Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands.

2015 / Master of Art in Research. Soore university of art, Tehran, Iran.
2008 / Bachelor of Applied Art, Isfahan university of art, Isfahan, Iran.


2018-Present / Founder and curator at Paadmaan projects.
2010-Present / Art director at Royanegaran design studio.
2008-10 / Gallery coordinator, Saba art and cultural institute, Iranian academy of the arts.
2006-8 / Owner and president of the art and philosophy magazine “Barg-e-Sefid”, Isfahan university of art.

Solo Exhibitions / Projects
2017 / “Coextensive Points”, project for Yatoo organization, Gongju, South Korea.
2016 / “Lines”, public space project for Institut für Alles Mögliche, Berlin, Germany.
2016 / “Inventory”, La Cabine art space, Clermont-Ferrand, France.
2015 / “Equation”, Saye gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2013 / “Reminiscence”, Jorjani gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2008 / BA thesis exhibition, “Fluid Dream”, gallery of Isfahan university of art, Isfahan, Iran.

Selected Group Shows
2021 / “Between Lines”, Personal studio, Tehran, Iran.
2018 / “Without Words”, Exchange between European and Iranian artists, Paaygaah, Curated by Sanaz Raffii and Laura Puska, Keresht, Iran. Collaboration with Frame Contemporary Art Finland.
2018 / “Carbone 18”, Contemporary art event in Saint-Étienne, France, April 27 to May 06.
2016 / Open Studio, First part of the second Iran-France exchange program, Organized by Kooshk Residency and Artistes en Résidence, Mohsen art gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2015 / Land art festival, Eco park, Shiraz, Iran.
2007 / Student exhibition tour, Tehran municipal cultural centers, Organized by ministry of science, research and technology, Tehran, Iran.

2017 / South Korea, Gongju, Yatoo.
2016 / Germany, Berlin, Institut für Alles Mögliche.
2016 / France, Clermont-Ferrand, Artistes en Résidence.

Professional Organization
2022 / Partner with Nomadic School of Arts (KASK & Conservatorium), Ghent, Belgium (Behalf on Paadmaan projects).
2021-Present / LASER Chair (Leonardo is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the MIT Press).
2019-Present / Member of Interface (non-profit Irish organization).
2018 / Member of Artistes en Résidence, Clermont-Ferrand, France.
2013-Present / Member of Iran Council of Graphic Design Association, a partner of Icograda.
2011-Present / Member of Visual Arts Institute, Tehran, Iran.

2021 / “Lines”, Galleri CC, Curated by Bahareh Mirhadi and Emm Berring, with the support of the Swedish Film Institute.
2019 / “Lines”, Ahang is a traveling exhibition curated by Mehreen Hashmi in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, Pakistan.
2019 / “Lines”, Dadasaheb Phalkeh film festival, Mumbai, India.
2018 / “The Herbal Tea”, 4th Gunung Sunda festival, Curated by Den Aslam, Sukabumi, Indonesia.
2018 / “Lines”, The Inshort film festival, Lagos, Nigeria.
(The International Film and Broadcast Academy, in partnership with Goethe Institute of Nigeria).

Selected Publications

¬ Book: “Return; Interview with 26 Iranian contemporary artists”

[A research-based project for the issue of documentation of “contemporary art” projects] / Paadmaan projects, 2022.

¬ Essay: “Tehran; a shapeshifter”
SuperMarket artist-run art magazine / issue #11, ISSN 2000-8155, October 2021.

¬ Book: “Inner Telescope, a space work by Eduardo Kac”

Related to introduction of the Kac’s project in Iran, Paadmaan projects, 2019.

¬ Article: “Contemporary art and the issue of art in the city”
Iran newspaper / Visual arts page, No. 6758, April 18, 2018.

¬ Interview and project review
Yatoo artist in residence book / November 2017.

¬ “Inventory” solo show
La belle revue / No. 6, July 22, 2016.

¬ Criticism of “Reminiscence” and “Equation” exhibitions
Mahmoud Maktabi / Asia newspaper, No. 708, February 16, 2016.

¬ Interview with channel 4
Iran broadcasting / About “Reminiscence” exhibition, September 2013.

¬ Short criticism of “Reminiscence” exhibition
“Electric, Reminiscence, Motor” / Javad Hasanjani, Tandis visual art magazine, No. 258, September 2013.

¬ Article: “Knife wood carving in Persian wood working”
“The proceeding of the 2nd conference on Iranian forgotten treasures” / Iran academy of art, 2011.

¬ “About artist”
Iran Azin magazine / The first Iranian magazine of interior design, No. 91, December 2008.

¬ A plan of the installation art project
Wadden Art Festival / “Footprints along a coastline”, August 2008.