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BARG volume 1,2,3
volume 1: Fluid Dream / volume 2: Between / volume 3: Lines, 2019-2022.

Lines (Selected Projects) / 2011-2021
Author: Foud Alijani
First Edition: 2021
Publication Details: Artist’s Edition
Description: 166 pages
Graphics and Printing: Royanegaran Studio
Cover Photo: Lines Project Archive, Berlin, 2016, by the Author
First Edition: Winter 2021, Tehran
In Series: BARG / 3

I have always thought that the formation of an image of a situation can take various forms; from being recorded in memory to the images that remain from projects as documentation. For this reason, after two previous volumes dedicated to personal notes and writings, I thought of compiling a collection of images from my art projects. However, an important issue to consider was that presenting images of works in the form of a printed collection by myself would resemble a catalog, especially when many photos are available on my website. Therefore, I decided to undertake this idea with a different goal and method.

Ultimately, this volume was structured into three chapters: Projects, Surrounding Geography, and Dot. For the first chapter, I included each project’s texts and only two pages for their images, with the selection criteria based not on introducing the project but on a personal feeling. The way one perceives the surrounding environment and the mechanism by which it is recorded in the mind is a natural process that happens regardless of one’s awareness of it. Therefore, most pages of this volume are dedicated to images I called Surrounding Geography; photos from my daily archive taken over a decade without any specific purpose using various cameras. In the third chapter, I created a new image using the final documentation images of the projects.

In conclusion, I should emphasize that the book format holds a deep meaning for me, and it is the primary reason I chose this format for presenting and archiving my work.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Selected Projects
    Coextensive Points
    Overlap Maps
    From the Map
    Between Lines
  • Chapter 2: Surrounding Geography
  • Chapter 3: Dot.

–Between– (Collection of Notes) / 2008-2018
Author: Foad Alijani
Second Edition: 2020
Publication Details: Artist’s Edition
Description: 224 pages
Graphics and Printing: Royanegaran Studio
Cover Photo: Personal Studio, 2011, by the Author
First Edition: Winter 2020, Tehran
In Series: BARG / 2

This collection compiles a portion of daily notes written sporadically over a decade, from 2008 to 2018. One of the aims of this compilation is to revisit the thoughts and ideas captured in the form of daily entries. The title is taken from the name of a project-blog I launched during a transitional period in my career. My writing activity began in a manner quite different from the exercises of my pre-university studies, starting from my first semester at the Isfahan University of Art with the launch of the Barg-e-Sefid magazine. This activity found its direction in my final year of studies and became an essential element of my life with the text Fluid Dream, which was part of my undergraduate thesis. Fluid Dream and related texts have been compiled into a separate volume.

The notes are divided into three chapters, with each chapter’s introduction explaining the formation process. The fourth chapter includes a poem and a new digital print that serve as a sensory feedback to the writings of that period.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: First Notebook
    Notebook Drawings
  • Chapter 2: Collection of Blogfa Notes (–Between–)
    Part 1: (2008-2013)
    Part 2: (2013-2018)
  • Chapter 3: Selected Daily Travel Notes
    Part 1: Malaysia and Thailand
    Part 2: France and Switzerland
    Part 3: Germany
    Part 4: South Korea
  • Chapter 4: Hyphen
    Between Poem
    Digital Print

Fluid Dream (and Related Texts) / 2008
Author: Foad Alijani
Second Edition: 2020
Publication Details: Artist’s Edition
Description: 154 pages
Graphics and Printing: Royangearan Studio
Cover Photo: Adriatic Sea, 2007, by the Author
First Edition: Winter 2020, Tehran
In Series: BARG / 1


Fluid Dream is the title of my undergraduate thesis project at the Isfahan University of Art. The main part of the project consisted of wooden sculptures accompanied by a text and a series of photographs, named Slumbered Nature. During the creation process of these works, I endeavored to establish a sensory connection with various types of wood and achieve the desired form by considering the visual characteristics of each type of wood and utilizing the tactile experience. Therefore, I refrained from using any electric tools and made some of the other tools, either entirely or partially, myself over a period. These tools were considered as artworks in their own right, beyond their practical use. Additionally, I aimed to focus more on the mediating role of tools in my artistic process.

At that time, the faculty required students to submit a report of their project execution along with some process photographs as part of their thesis. Since I did not find such a report to be aligned with the approach of my project, I began writing a different kind of text. The structure I conceived was a combination of daily notes and quotations from my studies during that period. The rule for the text was that it should be written sequentially without any arrangement of the sentences. Therefore, the daily notes, quotations, and discussions about them were written continuously without categorization into a single body. As a result, there are thematic jumps in the text. The intention was not to write a theoretical or literary text. Thus, Fluid Dream for me was an effort to create a connection between writing and artistic work.

Upon the completion of the thesis, I realized that the text itself could function independently. For this reason, I consciously refrained from presenting images of the artworks here. The photo series Slumbered Nature was presented in the thesis exhibition as an artist’s book. Some of the photos from this series are included at the end of the first chapter.

This volume also includes excerpts from two sets of correspondence that predate the main text, as a source of inspiration. In the fourth chapter, selected sentences by some readers of Fluid Dream, provided to me over the years since its creation, are compiled into two tables. In the new edition, in addition to literary corrections, some sentences have been edited for better readability. Overall, I have tried to preserve the tone of the text, which reflects my writing style at that time.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Fluid Dream
    Fluid Dream
    Slumbered Nature photo collection
  • Chapter 2: Convergence with the Line
    Convergence with the Line
    Simultaneous Writing with S.A
  • Chapter 3: Subgraphs
    Line Archive
  • Chapter 4: Archival Images

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