Foad Alijani

Land Art Project: “Relation Between Two Nature’s Elements”
A Plan of a land art project (Wadden Art Festival, “Footprints Along a Coastline”, August 2008), ISBN/EAN 978-90799968-01-5.

Nature is inherently pure, making contact with it the most reliable. This does not imply altering nature, as humans often have their own ideas. Instead, this project emphasizes the spectrum of interaction: a dialogue between humans and nature. The artist not only expresses but also listens to nature. Among natural elements, water is considered the most effective transmitter of emotions. Its sound carries a unique kind of silence. The choice to use weeds that can be detached from the ground allows for creating distinctive compositions. Despite appearing insignificant, weeds play an active and interactive role alongside water. Water, with its sound, embodies silence. The decision to integrate these weeds into installations depends on site-specific conditions. The water is not intended for plant irrigation, and the weeds, often perceived as useless, sway in the wind. If conditions permit, mirrors will be placed on the ground to create a dance of light.

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