Foad Alijani

Color Portray
Tehran, 2021
video installation (two channels); 3:50 minutes

Color Portray weaves a tapestry where hues merge and flow into one another, creating a map of ethereal landscapes. The interplay of colors captures fleeting moments, where boundaries dissolve and new realms are born. Each shade surfaces from this transformation. This vibrant dance of pigments portrays a dream and a sense of place, where each stroke leads to a new destination within the limitless terrain of imagination.

In the sanctuary of our minds, colors become the language of memory and dreams. As we traverse the landscapes of our inner world, we instinctively assign shades to feelings and experiences, coloring our past and future with the hues of our emotions. These vivid impressions resonate within our bodies, stirring responses that bridge the gap between the seen and the felt. Color Portray narrates a tale where the physical and the mental realms converge, and where every color tells a story.

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