Foad Alijani

Between Lines
in the group exhibition As 13 Grams of Lines
Tehran, Iran, 2021

Letters, words, and sentences coalesce into an image as they form a text. When the predominant content of a text bears a personal aspect, this visual representation gains significance as a semantic image for the author. This aspect becomes particularly poignant when discussing the manuscript of the text. Engaging in this style of writing transformed personal note-taking into a nuanced artistic and visual exercise for me, largely due to its function in stimulating mental imagery. While the practice held immense internal importance, the resulting writings often proved less legible due to the contextual cues embedded within the text. The project aims to chronicle the narrative of this unique approach to note-taking, presenting a series of documents pertinent to the subject and offering sensory feedback on the methodology prevalent during that period. It also served as an archival mapping of this writing practice and its associated objects.

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