Foad Alijani

2008-2013 (main part)

In the geography of life, the human being is far from many things. If the defined destination does not have a fixed or static meaning, it is placed into a direction that has a specific direction, but once in it, the flow is more important than reaching a certain point. Therefore, it is always in the forward position and then the position betwixt its path.

“Between” was a webspace-based project-blog for my daily notes which launched in March 2008. The project continued to operate continuously for about five years. Through utilizing the ability of the imagery in writing, I made my blog an experience which emerged during a transitional period of my work. This endeavor was also an artistic and visual exercise for me. The “Between” project was the day-to-day drawings that I captured at the moment. And, in addition to that, the project was a mediating function for my visual works.

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