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Coextensive Points
Project for Yatoo organization
Gongju, South Korea, September 2017

Sometimes the earth and the sky function like illusions and reality in human lives, and the relation between them is the base of social beliefs. The stars have inspired our imagination, transformed into calculation and navigation tools. In the attempt of creating a relationship between these two stories, the Gongju bear (South Korean) and the Ursa Major, being of the same kind while playing with the same beliefs. The main point is the existence of the stars as a navigation system for finding the way, which is directed by the northern point, while coextensive points transfer coextensive messages.

The project was an attempt at a significant exploration of space, memory, and prospection. Inspired by the intertwining narratives of myth and reality, “Coextensive Points” sought to interpret connections between earthly landscapes and celestial phenomena, focusing on the myth of Gongju’s bear and the constellation Ursa Major. The project immersed itself in the rich tapestry of beliefs surrounding the celestial realm, viewing stars not only as navigational aids but also as transmitters of coextensive messages across space and time. By drawing parallels between the mythological bear of Gongju and the celestial bear of Ursa Major, the project endeavored to make an imaginary connection to the shared beliefs and narratives. Through meticulous observation and research, the project identified a striking resemblance between the shape of the Great Bear stars and the border between North and South Korea. Leveraging this discovery, it drew orbital paths that aligned with the constellation’s shape, marking key points along these paths with buried markers where the belief in the mythological bear of Gongju exists. The culmination of the project was a multi-layered installation situated in Yeonmisan Nature Art Park. A frame representing the bear and stars was strategically positioned to coincide with the alignment of celestial bodies in the night sky. This spatial arrangement not only served as a visual homage to myth and memory but also functioned as a tangible expression of the interconnectedness of earthly and celestial realms. “Coextensive Points” navigated the complex interplay of land and its mysteries, weaving together elements of interpretation, imagination, and prospection. By documenting spatial and emotional perceptions while referencing memory and prospect, the project aimed to develop a structured approach that bridges the gap between myth and reality, imagination and experience. This project underscores an ongoing exploration of the transformative power of space and memory. By exploring the boundaries between myth and reality, past and future, it sought to provoke contemplation and dialogue about their enduring significance in shaping our feeling of our surroundings.

Rusty Pipes; As symbol of tunnels in the border.

Driving to reach to predefined points. Seven-Points; Total 134.5 kilometers (based on the road path).

Yeonmisan Nature Art Park
Sinage of the project (installed northward)

동시 확장 성 전철기

때로는 지구와 하늘이 인간의 삶에서 환상과 현실처럼 작용하고, 인간과 인간의 관계가 인간의 신념의 기반이되는 경우가 있습니다. 별은 우리의 상상력을 자극하고 계산 및 탐색 도구로 변형되었습니다. 이 두 이야기의 관계를 만들려고 할 때, 공주 (한국) 곰과 우르 사 메이저는 똑같은 신념을 갖고 놀면서 같은 종류입니다. 요점은 길을 찾기위한 네비게이션 시스템으로서 별의 존재를 나타내는 것이고, 북부 지점에 의해 지시되는 반면에, 동일 공간상의 점들은 동일 공간의 메시지를 전송한다.

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