Foad Alijani

Fluid dream
Solo exhibition (BA thesis)
Isfahan university of art gallery,
Isfahan, Iran, February, 2008

“Fluid dream” is the title of a collection of wood engravings created for my undergraduate thesis project, also accompanied by a text and photograph collection that I took during the project. When executing these works, I established a sensorial connection with the various wood types and shaped the final forms according to the visual condition of each kind of wood. By using my sense of touch, I achieved the desired result. I didn’t use power tools during the ‘Fluid dream’ project; instead, I produced instruments by myself. The devices created, either in whole or in part to maintain the minimum distance with the material.

The body of wood engraving works “Fluid dream”, created to achieve a genuine relationship between tools, material, and the artist. However, the main goal of “Fluid dream” is a search for purity and the relationships acquired through the course of my artistic life.

According to the faculty thesis rules, students must prepare a report on project implementation processes and include visual material of the final works to be published. At that time, I didn’t think it made sense to write a report on a work of art; that’s why I started writing an independent text for my dissertation. The central part of the attached text’s concept was not art theory but structured using daily notes rather than analytic arguments. The structure of my writing combined daily notes and quotes from my studies. The rule of my text was such that I decided not to make any structural arrangements for it. However, any daily notations, quotes and discussions remained in the same chronological sequence within my written piece. My intention was not to write a theoretical or literary text because I wanted to write in fluid form like the idea behind my artworks. “Fluid dream” text does not emphasize any specific subject or suggests a lack of thought during the creation of the work.

So, one of the effects of the “Fluid dream” project was trying to make a clear connection between writing and visual art. On the other hand, process, and concerns about my creating art is addressed in the text. “Fluid dream” project is a uniquely emotion-driven story.

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