From the Map

From the Map

group exhibition “Without Words”

(Exchange between European and Iranian artists)

Curated by Sanaz Raffii and Laura Puska

Paaygaah, Keresht, Tehran, Iran, December 2018

Supported by Frame Contemporary Art Finland

Laura Puska:

To begin with, Alijani recalls the Hegelian term “Aufheben”. Often translated in English as “sublation”, Hegel used the term to describe a process of interaction between a thesis and antithesis. According to Hegel, this interplay is simultaneously preserving and changing. The dialectic process in his mind,

Alijani starts constructing his work. The site-specific approach of his work continues to play a part through the email exchange with his exchange partner Salla Valle: Alijani asked Valle to provide a screenshot of any area of Tehran. This shot he combined with other elements to compose the map element of his installation.