Foad Alijani

Solo exhibition
+ performance art event
Jorjani art gallery, Tehran, Iran, September 2013
Technical support: Amin Bahrami

The earth has transformed into a reminiscence. The threads of consciousness in my mind have merged into the essence of history. A stream of stars strives to enlighten our thoughts. However, the star of fate is buried. The star of fate declines and dies from time to time; thus, the intricacies flourish, silence, tranquility, and elegant simplicity create a reminiscence. When the man falls asleep, existence comes together, and the earth and the star forget the truth. Still, simplicity remains pure, and life resumes in the reservoir of silence even though the ‘star of fate’ would never brighten it up…

The concept of reminiscence within history is innate within a man’s soul and the essence of time. Humanity knowingly or unknowingly gets caught in this blend or dissolves it and sometimes soars with it. When the reminiscence soars up into the sky, it isolates from the past and thus forms the future. Hence, the memory is no longer a remembrance; it is now a divine perception, an accurate perception, a sovereign reality that is a flowing stream, isolated from where it came.

We have the universe, nature, mind, history and demand within humanity capable of fusing them all to create a reminiscence which floats in the soul and goes beyond the concept of time. Eventually, it is our choice where we end up, to appreciate truth and nature and not take them for granted.

Performance duration: 4 hours

Performance action-idea: Playing with lighting strips in the gallery and trying to retrieve some memories without any previous plan. Any movement comes from a feeling which the artist experienced at the time while reviewing his memories.

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