Foad Alijani

The Herbal Tea
project for Interface Inagh, curated by Alannah Robins
November 2017
Scientific advisor: Marie Louise Heffernan
Video (Single Channel); 1:44 minute

This project is the result of a collaboration with the Interface institute, located in the west of Ireland. There are various beautiful landscapes in that region. Their main approach has been concerned with connecting science and art. Apart from this, since there are also numerous historical aspects in scientific-natural research in the area, I decided to design and create a herbal tea. For this purpose, I consulted with a scientific researcher who owns her own brand for herbal medicine. The visual aspect of the location which I felt from the photographs inspired me to consider a soothing tea. This tea also invites somebody to peace. The Irish flag is represented in the video’s color selection.

The composition of the tea is as follows:
Coriander Seed + Hypericum Perforatum + Lavender + Dracocephalum + Valerian

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