Foad Alijani

About Artist
Iran Azin magazine (The first Iranian magazine of interior design), No. 91, December 2008.

A simple apartment in Tehran is the first image which Foad Alijani experienced. His first tendency to art starts from when he tries to have exact look deeply to the world which he is living on. His opinions about world are fluid and unlimited. These are the characteristics which he refers to the art. His wood collection “Fluid Dream” shows his interests to the wood. He believes materials in addition to its visual effects, has conceptual effects. One of the characteristics of “Fluid Dream” collection is its short treatise. Literary treatise with engraving which has artist’s dissertation. In addition to record the form of the literary world of artist’s daily diary, he focuses on thoughts of art and worlds which artist faces with them at the time of creation. At first sight in this collection we can see forms beside simple nature of wood. He believes in understanding a natural element. His engraving is the checking the nature of wood. He is talking to them and invites audience to talk to. If in the past, wood used in a background of artwork. In his collection wood used as a context to present expressive features.

Wood’s grain effects on form is obvious. We can put simple nature of woods beside the nature’s elements and creates a big tableau. There are some technical complexity in some of them but the most important point we can see is visual characteristics. The other point which artist emphasizes on are the moments he works, these moments are pure and belongs to the artist. Artist thinks understanding art needs explanation not just definition. So audience should think about everything here which emphasize on lines and surfaces. Lines change to surfaces and surfaces change to lines. They all together shape point, form and in the end volume. These surfaces come near and get away and ow. This ow backs to the universe and is perpetual motion.

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