Foad Alijani

Interview with Channel 4 (Iran broadcasting)
About Reminiscence exhibition, Artist talk by Mr. Mahdi Khankeh September 2013.

channel 4

Foad Alijani: I was graduated from Isfahan University of Art and now I am studying at Soreh University of Art. It is near one decade that I entered at art field academically. My first experience was traditional art and it was because of my inspiration of Iran’s art history, but at that time little by little I lead to contemporary art. About this exhibition; it was period of time I involved with a subject, “memory” and I think there are 2 kind of memories:

1. Simple and usual memory. 2. Reflective memory which is beyond the experience. I found it at mental (psychological) exploration at people and me, so I achieved (found) this kind of memory (reminiscence), then I pondered and interpreted it until I convert it to visual expression.

When we face with this subject the basic question comes to the mind is that usually memory is kind of nostalgic, smooth and lovely experience which is related to the past. So it interprets smoothly and coldly (cruelly). Here I choose opposite sense and entered red color to my action. I think this is near to reflective reminiscence and it is not a quick experience that teach something to human. Exactly at this time the red color created. Actually artist’s visual language are good view and discover things. I was thinking about this color and row for a while. Maybe I saw this row in the street or somewhere else and they remind me stars and events which happen during the human’s lifetime. Each lights refers to incident and memory inside me. So this was the first visual root for this exhibition.

Next element which I install at this exhibition is a box. This box is a window of time and the aquarium with water. This water is source (origin) of creation and it is in front of time’s window. Here is space for a stream of reminiscences. There are some lights witches which some parts of them link to the light box and the other parts link to the moving umbrella. So I give a chance of experience to the audience to get involve with atmosphere. It is not important how many audience participate, because in new art audience are free for having their own interpretation.

What has happened in modern art is that the boundaries between arts removed, hence we don’t have pictures, statues, color, form and… at their different interpretations like they interpret at fine art. In contemporary art audience are exactly at the same place. The important point is the interpretation of this art depends on place and time. Before I came to the gallery I walked along the gallery’s way for several times to check the way which audience pass to achieve to the gallery. 

I assume this is part of my creation before audience enter to this atmosphere I understand he sees what images are and these images influence on my action (work). The think which had happened was the performance, my position with sense, the idea of work in the gallery and playing with rows. I tried to immerse at my memory during the performance. I chose silence and began to revolve in my memory and the things that happened to some of the audiences who involved with it and they attended at this data sharing and I wanted some parts happen to audience which it happened. That part was playing with rows. I emphasis I do not want that audience achieve to this result and main idea I wanted.

Mahdi Khankeh (university professor): When we look at the definition of pioneers of installation art by Allan Kaprow, we face with an amazing sentence: everything can be at the way of installation and each art work can be an object which used. Base on the definition of installation art after 40 or 50 years of happening art in Europe, we have solid definition which we can follow up and versus when we enter to the gallery and look at the creation of artist, we understand that Foad Alijani tries to share his mental concepts -which he named installation. It means putting objects together and sharing different medium in one composition or his combination of mental concepts- with audience. 

When these interpretation and concept that artist has in his mind complete when he enters to the performance art. It means that artist tries to play with objects which he sets on the stage and this play transfer concepts which artist wants to transfer to the audience. So Foad Alijani starts with a medium which name is installation and he enters to conceptual art, then happening art forms and in this way he can communicate with audience. The effect of music in transferring artist message to the audience -when we look at its background in art trend- is crucial.

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