Foad Alijani

Interview and Project Review: Coextensive Points
Yatoo Artist in Residence Book (November 2017).

Q. What was your first impression of Korea? How different the Korean natural environment is from that of Iran?
Totally it was nice country. According to places that I was visited it was more similar to north of Iran.
Q. What is the meaning of ‘nature’ for your life and your work?
The most important point is that we are born from nature.
Q. Is there any relevance between what you have done and the theme of this residence program?
Yes, there is relation. According to my statement I have used bear of Gongju from an old story for my project. As putting Ursa Major as this bear, it makes relation among myth, north, border and geography.
Q. Did you do any co-work with other artist during this residence period? What is
your opinion on collective work (co-work) and individual work?
No. It depends from case to case.
Q. Did you succeed to work as you had planned to do during residency? If you experienced something special in working process, please tell me.
Yes, mostly. Under pressure, I had new experience of thinking.
Q. You hope that there will be a residence exchange program between Korea and
Iran for continuous relationship between two groups of artists. What do you think it means by that?
Korea is important country with great background. So for exchange program it depends
on the circumstances ahead.

Yatoo artist in residence exhibition and artist talk
Yeonmisan nature art park, Gongju, South Korea, September 23, 2017.

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